Jackson Hewitt Tax Return Preparation Online

Filing your taxes is never easy. Tax preparation services, on the other hand, make it easy for you to handle your tax affairs without worrying about getting it wrong.


The way it works is that taxpayers can choose from Jackson Hewitt’s online tax filing options, so those with simple tax affairs or complicated ones can file their own taxes from home.

Jackson Hewitt is based in Jersey City, New Jersey. They guarantee 100% accuracy and the maximum possible refund amount for each taxpayer.

Let’s look at what Jackson Hewitt offers taxpayers.

How Many Different Filing Options are Available Through Jackson Hewitt?

Jackson Hewitt offers three different online filing options.

The first option is available free of charge. It’s a free filing option for Federal tax returns. The second option costs $29.99 and the third $49.99. There’s also an additional $36.95 fee for filing state tax returns.

The right plan for you depends on the complexity of your tax situation. Every plan comes with different features aimed at certain types of taxpayers.

For example, self-employed individuals will need the features that come with the $49.99 option.

Despite the differences in the packages, taxpayers will be able to take advantage of step-by-step instructions for each one. Jackson Hewitt also provides an online tax help database, so if you have a question, you won’t need to waste time contacting support.

For specific enquiries, email and chat support is available.

Every taxpayer working with Jackson Hewitt is bound by both a 100% accuracy guarantee and a guarantee that you’ll get the maximum possible refund. If there’s a mistake, they’ll pay the penalties. If you don’t get the maximum refund, they’ll refund your filing costs.

The Free Package

The free Jackson Hewitt filing option allows you to file any simple Federal tax returns and nearly all types of state returns. If you’re single, married with no dependents, earn less than $100,000 per year, take the standard deduction, or have W-2 income only, then this is for you.

The free filing option allows you to report everything from interest gained through your bank account and any unemployment income you may have earned.

You can also claim the earned income credit through the free filing option.

Additionally, you can import last year’s tax return, no matter who you filed it with.

This will make the process faster, as a lot of your information will be automatically filled in. If you have any problems with this, you can contact the live chat or email support lines to get further support.

The $29.99 Jackson Hewitt Package

The cheapest paid package is aimed primarily at homeowners and families. Retirees will also find this to be the best package for them, according to Jackson Hewitt; although retirees are also able to use the free option without any problems.

The average filer will claim a variety of tax credits and deductions. These are only available with the $29.99 Jackson Hewitt package.

Anyone who has a child or other dependent should use this filing option.

Take note that it costs an additional $36.95 to file a state tax return with this package.

The $49.99 Jackson Hewitt Package

The most advanced option offered by Jackson Hewitt costs $49.99, plus $36.95 for a state tax return.

Anyone with income above the $100,000 threshold or income reported from sources other than a W-2 Form must choose this filing option.

If you intend to itemize your deductions, rather than taking the standard deduction, you should use this package. For example, someone with rental property would find this to be the best option.

Only this package allows you to report things like investments, retirement accounts, and mortgage interest.

How Does In-Store Filing Work?

Not everyone wants to file their taxes online. If you’re unsure about your taxes and you would feel more comfortable working with a real person, you do have the option to visit a Jackson Hewitt store and do your taxes with a qualified expert.

This may be more relevant than ever, as a result of the recent tax code reform enacted by President Donald Trump in his Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

You’ll be able to talk to a professional about your personal situation, and they’ll advise you on how to claim the biggest refund possible. Plus, you’ll have audit protection.

You’ll also be able to get a review of your previous year’s tax return. They’ll be able to point out any tax deductions and credits you might have missed out on and help you file an amended return.

If you live close to a Jackson Hewitt store, in-store filing could be a great option for you.

Payment and Refund Options

Jackson Hewitt gives you the following payment options:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Tax refund

However, if you pay with your tax refund, you will be charged an additional fee.

If you’re expecting a tax refund you can receive it in one of the following ways:

  • Direct deposit (recommended)
  • Paper Check
  • American Express Serve Card

Like other tax preparation services, Jackson Hewitt does offer refund advances. Should you experience an emergency and you need the cash now, you’ll be able to get it with Jackson Hewitt.

Essentially, this is a loan that covers your refund amount.

Jackson Hewitt will give you a no-fee advance of up to $3,500 when you file. So, your refund will go straight to Jackson Hewitt direct from the IRS.

Who Do We Recommend Jackson Hewitt To?

Jackson Hewitt is great for those who need to file multiple state returns, as this can be accomplished with their free file option.

Self-employed taxpayers also find Jackson Hewitt to be a great option since their paid plans are cheaper than some of their competitors.

Lastly, those who want to have their tax return done in person with the help of a tax preparer find Jackson Hewitt provides great in-store tax preparation and filing services.

Is There a Catch?

Jackson Hewitt isn’t the cheapest tax preparation service around. They don’t offer many features. In fact, just expect educational materials and online support. Additionally, the only way you get access to a tax preparer and audit protection is via instore filing.

How Does Jackson Hewitt Compare to Other Tax Preparation Services?

Jackson Hewitt is cheaper than Turbo Tax and H&R Block. However, they don’t offer the conveniences and features that other services provide.

Turbo Tax vs. Jackson Hewitt

Turbo Tax is a reputable tax preparation service that is known for its ease of use and quality services. When compared to Jackson Hewitt, you can expect to pay more if you’re not eligible for their free filing version.

Other benefits that make Turbo Tax worth the price include:

  • Guidance throughout the entire filing process.
  • Access to certified tax preparers (for an additional fee).
  • Filing options are clearly labeled for each tax situation.
  • Refund breakdowns.

H&R Block vs. Jackson Hewitt

H&R Block is another well-known tax preparation service. Plus, they have physical locations. They are Jackson Hewitt’s main competitor.

H&R Block outranks Jackson Hewitt due to the following:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Audit support available for online filers
  • Great educational features

Conclusion: Should You Use Jackson Hewitt?


If you’re someone who doesn’t need assistance with your taxes and have a very simple tax situation, Jackson Hewitt’s free filing service is recommended.

Those who do have complex tax situations, and are confident filing their taxes on their own will benefit from their paid option as it is cheaper than their competitors.

How to File Taxes Online in 3 Simple Steps - TurboTax Tax Tip Video

 Remember, with TurboTax Online Tax Filing we’ll ask you simple questions and fill out the right forms for you. We’ll find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed!