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Getting Your W2 Form Online

When you’re doing your income taxes, you will require many forms, and probably the most significant one is the W2 form.

Every business that you were employed at in the previous year is liable for supplying you with a W-2, which must be sent out by January 31 of the current year. You may be able to get a copy of yours sooner online.

How to Get Your W2 Form Online

Learn how you can get your w2 form online.

Online tax filing helps users to get their W2 form online quickly.… Read the rest


IRS Federal Income Tax Form 1040A

The IRS has made changes to the way we file our 1040 tax forms. These changes eliminate the 1040a form and make it a schedule A, which is attached to the newly designed 1040 tax form.

The new 1040 is a shorter version of the original and replaces the 1040ez and 1040a.

If you plan to itemize your deductions, you will need to fill out and attach Schedule A to the new 1040 tax form.

When you file your taxes online, you won’t have to worry about new forms, schedules, or instructions because they will be automatically supplied and filled out for you.… Read the rest


Where to Find IRS Form 1040 and Instructions

What is the New IRS 1040 Form?

The IRS has been working on a newly designed version of the Tax Form 1040. The new form will consolidate the former three forms into a simpler, shorter version of the original.

The new changes do away with the original 1040ez and 1040a form and adds new supporting schedules.

If you plan to claim the standard deduction, the new 1040 is all you will need to file. However, if you plan to itemize, you will need to file additional schedules with your 1040.… Read the rest


All You Need to Know About the 1099 Form

If you have a professional tax accountant on your side, you don’t need to know much about the different tax forms. But it’s always best to know as much as possible about what your accountant is doing. Most of us are aware of W-2s given to you by an employer, but not so many people are aware of 1099s.

The W-2 is a record of your salary paid to you throughout the year. The 1099 and its variations are designed for reporting any additional sources of income.… Read the rest


What to Do If You Don’t Have Your W-2 Form

The tax deadline for filing taxes is nearing for U.S. taxpayers, and they are feverishly getting all their documents together so they can file their taxes on time. But the important W-2 is missing, or maybe you haven’t received it yet, what should you do? No need to panic, you can try to get your missing W-2 form online, or you can even file your taxes without it.

What to Do If You Lost Your W-2 Form

lost w2 form

The W-2 form is a vital piece of info for most tax filers as it confirms the income you earned for that tax year.… Read the rest


See the New IRS 1040 Tax Form

The IRS announced in June 2018 that a new 1040 tax form would be released for the 2019 tax year. This initiative goes all the way back to Donald Trump’s campaign trail in 2016, where he wanted to make filing taxes as “simple as sending a postcard.”  Well, it looks like he will get his wish based on the latest design draft provided by the IRS.

What Has Changed on the 1040 Tax Form?

Taking a glance, we can immediately see that the new form is about “half the size” of the current 1040 form.… Read the rest