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Popular Individual Tax Credits

Getting a tax credit is almost as good as not having any taxes to pay at all. Tax credits allow you to deduct sums of money from your taxes. This is better than getting a deduction because it not only reduces your taxable income. For example, those in the 28% tax bracket would save $280 Read the rest


Free Online Tax Software – What You Need to Know

Every time tax season rolls around tax filers find themselves experiencing stress, worry, and anxiety. Some tax filers even delay until the last minute possible because they think it will be easier that way. What if we told you that there is free tax software available for your 2014-2015 taxes that will make doing your Read the rest


TurboTax 2015 Offers Their Customers New Tools to Learn About Student Loan Repayment Options

Life is known for throwing curveballs at the wrong time. Some examples of the curveballs that life may throw you include, but are not limited to, losing your job or having a hard time securing a job when you graduate from money

However, this is not going to stop you from having to take care … Read the rest